If you do not know the name King Size Slim in musical terms at least, then you are in for a absolute treat.
Heavy Weight Blues is how Toby describes his sound and he is not joking. One man HUGE sound, funky as you like and what a cool fella. Foot tapping blues, folk, reggae, soul with supreme lyrics. As you can may guess we are huge fans. We also got a little sneaky interview with Toby just to add to the mix. He is not a British Blues Award winner for nothing you know.
In 2005 Toby Barelli aka KING SIZE SLIM began experimenting with a new sound. A sound fully conscious of its roots but with a new story to tell. Having spent the previous 4 years touring and recording with TwoTone pioneers ‘The Selecter’ along with other Ska and Reggae luminaries, the sound was always going to be rhythm led, heavy on the bass and rootsy in the melody.
Big warm tones from his resonator guitar with a powerful and direct vocal style became the trademarks of the sound. Add rolling grooves, multi-layered percussion,vocals, harmonicas and myriad shakers to create a heavyweight acoustic sound that shouts loud and kisses sweet.